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Five Compelling Reasons to Make The Switch to LED in 2017

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Incandescent globes have long been a staple of all buildings, lighting our way at all hours of the day. Unfortunately, incandescent bulbs are also terribly inefficient and their lifespan makes them an unsustainable choice for your office. Costs build up when using incandescent or fluorescent bulbs as light providers, and the wastage your company produces is also significant when compared to greener companies. What all this points to is a choice, either becoming a greener company or falling further and further behind modern company standards. Maybe it’s time to get commercial LED lighting installed, or solar panels, or rain water tanks for use in company toilets. We have assembled a list of five compelling reasons to make the switch in 2017.

Energy Efficiency

The first point to examine is the energy efficiency of your current incandescent or fluorescent setup. While fluorescent light bulbs are more efficient than their incandescent cohorts, both pale in comparison to the efficiency of LED bulbs, which can last up to 5 times longer than either incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.

Greener Lighting

LEDs energy efficiency isn’t their only selling point, not by far. With little to no UV emissions, significantly less heat loss, and high durability, LEDs outperform incandescent bulbs in many ways, but the above mentioned ways directly affect the impact your business has on the environment. With less broken bulbs from lack of durability, less UV emissions, and less heat loss, your LED bulbs last longer, and are significantly better for the planet.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost effectiveness is a big part of the decision to switch for many businesses. A significant increase can be a burden on many fledgeling businesses, and that could cause dissuasion. Luckily, in the long run LED bulbs are the most cost effective option out of all conventional options, despite the higher bulb price. This is mainly because of a higher energy efficiency and a longer usage life. In the average household or business, many LED bulbs can last 10+ years with ease, and longer.

Marketing Benefits

Once your business has gone green with LED lights, advertising can include your commitment to a sustainable future, and your policy on green lighting. This announces to all potential clients and customers that your moral stance on the changing world around us is to preserve the climate as best we can to assure ourselves that we will have a planet to live on in the future. It also shows potential consumers and customers that their choice of company can be one that represents their beliefs, which is very important to many people.

Partnership Opportunities


With the increase in recognition from your green announcement also comes the opportunities to partner with companies that have similar sustainable goals, which stands to benefit both companies as a joined venture in the public eye. These partnerships are often mutually beneficial, and can last decades if properly managed, all the while showing the public that you and your partners are committed to changing the corporate stance on sustainability.

These are all compelling reasons to make the change to greener and more sustainable options in 2017. Ultimately, the one reason that should overarch all of  the above is that becoming more sustainable is the right thing to do. Morally speaking, there is logic behind preserving one another’s living space, and if your morals tell you to move to a more sustainable business model, that should be enough. 

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